Scoop Media Cartel Feature


You can download the one page PDF version of our tech-specs here:

Scoop Media Cartel Tech-Specs PDF

Type Ad Unit Weight Formats
Premium Display Super Banner - 970x160 or 970x120, Giant-Sky 300x600, Super Rectangle - 460x400 100kb Flash .swf ; .gif; .jpeg
Standard Display Big Banner - 760x120 or 728x90, Rectangle - 300x250, Skyscraper - 160x600 50kb Flash .swf ; .gif; .jpeg
  Banner - 468x60 or 300x80 or 440x120 25kb .gif; .jpeg; HTML
  Half Sky – 160x300 15kb .gif; .jpeg
Text Premium Textlink – 50x50px image + 20char heading + 50char text 5kb .gif; .jpeg + text +URL
  Text link- ‘XX’ Characters n/a Text (limits include spaces) + URL link
Rich Media Expanding Big Banner – 760x120 expanding to 760x240, Expanding Rectangle 300x250 expanding to 600x250 or 500x500, Expanding Skyscraper - 160x600 expanding to 320x600 50kb + 100k polite 3rd Party Redirect


Flash Specifications (.swf)

Our standard ad serving is via DFP Small Business which currently supports up to up to Flash 10.1 and Action Script 3.

Reccomended click tag format:

on (release) {
if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") {
getURL(clickTAG, "_blank");

Note: Depending on the structure of a Flash creative, it may be necessary to prepend _root. or _level0. to clickTAG, resulting in _root.clickTAG or _level0.clickTAG. Further information about Flash:

Rich Media

Polite Banners must have standard initial weights with a 100kb download maximum. For backup files limits use standard display weights.

Third Party Redirects

3rd Party Hosed Redirects are usually accepted, our current approved list is: Double Click, Eyewonder/Facilitate*, MediaMind*, Nielsen (*Please use Publisher: Scoop NZ).


Standard Creative - 2 working days prior to Start-date Rich Media Creative - 3 working days prior to Start-date All creative must be sent to:


Replaces the page background with a static image that sits behind the page, the bottom and sides must fade to a solid colour (this HTML color code is required as this colour will be used to cover the rest of the page). Wallpaper may be used to complement in-page ad creative but should not detract from the page. Wallpaper – 1400x850px, 100kb max, .gif or .jpeg. + HTML colour code (hexadecimal) for background. If you already have a creative check with us - it may still be usable.


Video may be automatic but must provide a clear "Stop" button, must have no automatic looping. Sound default must be set at "Off" and be user initiated with a clear “Mute” button. Initial file size max 50kb + polite video max of 1mb. Further information about Rich Media:,,,,

Expanding Banners

Expands when user moves cursor over or clicks the ad Image must contract automatically when user scrolls off Sound default must be set at "Off" and be user initiated with a clear “Mute” button. Must be supported by corresponding standard display ad Creative.

Floating/OTP Must be associated with banner creative; OPT aspect max dimensions 500x500 and max file size 100kb polite. Max duration 8 seconds. Floating Unit MUST BE mouse over activated or turned on from the Core Ad and have a clear close/x button. Sound must be user activated and have a clear mute button.

Editorial Specs

Include the following:
Summary (35-40 words; or 1st para will be used)
Images (thumbnail image (127x127px)+ up to 4 images)
Article (no fixed limit, recommended length 400 words)
Contact info


Scoop reserves the right to reject creative and remove creative, without notice which contains coding errors, uses excessive animation or CPU resources or does not function properly or comply with specifications, or that which is deemed inappropriate by Scoop.